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I figure I should perhaps do a little explaining about the name I gave to this blog. I went through a whole lot of alternatives which were already taken, before settling for Vita Mellita. Now, I say ‘settling’, but really I’m quite happy with it. I know a lot of my friends would find it quite ironic though, partly because I am notoriously not a fan of the Romans, so choosing a Latin phrase really makes sense, and also I’m not referred to as Winnie the Pooh for nothing. For my own part I do also realise that there is some irony as well in the idea of a ‘honeyed life’, particularly related to my own life – I gladly admit that I go through my fair share of mood swings, if not more so than most do, and life often seems sour to me when it doesn’t have much reason to. But I’m working on it 🙂


The phrase itself is taken from a graffito on a wall in Pompeii:

Amantes ut apes vita mellita exigunt. {Lovers, like bees, live a honeyed life.}

Jake put it in the first letter he ever sent me, when we were only friends. And I somehow convinced myself that there was nothing to it (especially because at the time, the opposite would have complicated matters hugely – more on this at another time). I live in the hope that next time I’ll recognise the delusional tendencies earlier.