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The Big Bang

Where to start? The basics, I suppose. I’m Calypso (not really, but go with it :P), I’m 21, and a literature student in the UK. I’m half-Greek and half-British, and I’m just coming to the end of my Year Abroad in Greece. I like music, I like poetry, I like reading and writing and cooking and travelling and dancing, I like sex, I like my friends, and I *really* like my Boy.

To be honest, I’ve been meaning to set this up for about a year now, originally intending to write mostly about my experiences here in Athens, but with one thing and another I’m only just getting round to it. My dual nationality makes for some interesting dichotomies in my character – I have elements of the so-called Mediterranean temper, I get angry easily, but at the same time I’m shy and don’t like to ruffle anyone’s feathers, so I often don’t speak out. But there are some things that just need saying. So where better than the Internet! I haven’t planned where this blog is going to go, I don’t even know that I’ll be inclined to post all the time, but I guess time will show 🙂 So here’s to birth and new beginnings, and let’s see where things will lead.