I feel like my country, the country I was born in and have spent the larger portion of my life in, the country I have got to know so much more intimately this last year, is imploding, falling in on itself, and its people can’t see the wood for the trees. Strikes help noone; protests and demonstrations help noone. Lashing out at the police or journalists or those people desperately trying to put things to rights, to get Greece back on her feet, is not a solution. We should be gritting our teeth collectively and doing our best to get on with things. We should be working together, not fighting with each other. I just wish people were less short-sighted.

That being said, the rest of the world needs to chip in too. There is a lot wrong with Greece, with her people, but that doesn’t mean that they should just be left to drown. From a purely human perspective, we owe it to people in need to lend them a hand. And if people elsewhere put a little more thought into it, they would realise that it’s in their own interests to help Greece out. Because, frankly, bailing Greece out is vastly cheaper than the potential economic catastrophe that could ensue if they’re allowed to go down. It would have pretty far-reaching consequences. And that’s the last thing the world needs right now, surely? As far as I’m concerned, it just makes sense to try and prevent that. But I suppose some people can’t see beyond here and now, and all that matters is that their money is in their little paws.


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